State government again is supporting the development of Rock Lititz to the tune of seven figures.

The Warwick Township business campus for live-event companies has secured two loans totaling $6.3 million from the Commonwealth Financing Authority, it was announced Tuesday.

Together, the resulting buildings would cost a total of $41.7 million to develop and would create 220 jobs, according to the authority. Some 405 people already work on the campus.

Land development plans for the new buildings on the campus, a quarter mile west of Route 501, are going through the township review and approval process.

As LNP reported in late August, Rock Lititz is proposing two major additions to the initial building on the campus, the Rock Lititz Studio concert-rehearsal structure.

Rock Lititz also is proposing two more large free-standing buildings.

(A fifth building being proposed, a black-box theater, is being developed independently.)

One of the new loans, for $4.0 million, would go toward the cost of the two additions to Rock Lititz Studio — another rehearsal studio and another multi-tenant building — plus a stand-alone building for Clair Global.

The 38,000-square-foot rehearsal studio, the 31,000-square-foot multi-tenant building and the 113,000-square-foot building for Clair Global would cost a total of $26.4 million to develop, said the authority.

These new structures would create 145 new jobs.

Clair Global, which has its headquarters next door to Rock Lititz, is one of the co-founders of Rock Lititz. Clair Global is the world’s leading producer of audio systems for rock bands going on tour.

The other park developer, Lititz-based Tait, the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of stages for touring bands, does not have a building in Rock Lititz.

The other new loan, for $2.3 million, would go toward the cost of the other new stand-alone building, a 141,000-square-foot structure that would house multiple tenants and cost $15.2 million to develop.

It would create 75 new jobs, according to the authority.

Rock Lititz hopes to start construction in late 2019 or early 2020. Construction would take 12 to 18 months; Rock Lititz would build the four concurrently.

Unveiled as a concept in 2012, Rock Lititz as attracted international media attention as the world’s only business campus for the live-event industry.

In the same vein, Rock Lititz Studio is the only building in the world constructed for the purpose of housing production rehearsals for rock bands about to go on tour.

The studio opened in 2014. It was followed by a multi-tenant building, named Pod 2, which opened in 2016 and a 139-room Hotel Rock Lititz, which opened in 2018.

The latest round of state support came through the state’s Building PA fund. Both loans have 25-year terms at 5% interest.

Helping Rock Lititz secure the funding was EDC Finance, a Lancaster-based nonprofit that helps businesses obtain state and federal financing for expansion projects.

Rock Lititz has turned to Harrisburg for financial support three times before. It won a $3 million grant for the studio and $5.45 million in two state loans combined for Pod 2.

Including the two loans approved Tuesday, Rock Lititz has received a total of $14.75 million in state financial backing.