Starbucks downtown genz

A Starbucks in Lancaster Township's Stone Mill Plaza is permanently closed, the but location in downtown Lancaster at 101 N. Queen St. is slated to reopen Oct. 23. 

The Starbucks in Lancaster Township’s Stone Mill Plaza has closed permanently while the coffee giant’s flagship location in downtown Lancaster is slated to reopen next week. 

First opened in 2005, the Starbucks near the Giant grocery store at 1398 Columbia Ave. closed for good Sept. 28.

“As difficult as this is, we must make the right business decisions for the sake of Starbucks’ long-term growth. All Starbucks partners (employees) working at this store had the opportunity to transfer to one of our nearby locations,” said Jory Mendes, a Starbucks spokesman.

In downtown Lancaster, the Starbucks at 101 N. Queen St., which had been temporarily closed since late August, is slated to reopen Oct. 23, Mendes said.

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