Noah 1

A poster for the movie version of the Sight & Sound Theatres stage show "Noah."

Sight & Sound Theatres on Tuesday released its movie “Noah” into the home-entertainment market.

“Noah” is a film of the 2013 Sight & Sound stage musical of the same name. It was shot in front of a live audience at Sight & Sound’s Strasburg theater.

The movie version debuted in April, when it was shown three times in more than 700 cinemas nationwide.

“Noah” is the third Sight & Sound movie of one of its stage productions to be made available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other digital platforms, joining “Moses” and “Jonah.”

A DVD of “Noah” is priced at $13.99 on Amazon. Digital rental is $4.99; digital to buy is $12.99.

Sight & Sound is using movies of its stage productions to expand its audience, as tickets to see its shows in its theaters in Strasburg and Branson, Missouri, nearly sell out.