Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home

The Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes & Crematory has opened a second crematory at its 3110 Lititz Pike location.

The $500,000 crematory, which began operating March 11, is in response to growing demand for the service since Charles F. Snyder opened its first crematory there in 2010, said Chad Snyder, president, funeral director and location supervisor.

Driving the decision, he explained, were two trends -- Charles F. Snyder is serving more families and a higher percentage of families are opting for cremation. For instance, while 38% to 40% of families chose cremation in 2010, that percentage rose to 55% in 2020, according to Snyder.

All told, the annual number of cremations over the decade at the Lititz Pike location has increased by 15% to 17%, making Charles F. Snyder the largest cremation provider in the county, he said Friday, with the entire process handled at the facility. “Your loved one never leaves our care,” Snyder said.

The second crematory, Snyder said, “ensures we do not ever run into a circumstance where we cannot provide service as promptly as we would like. … (It) also allows us to continue our operation even when annual maintenance is needed (to the first unit).” In addition, the second crematory has a natural gas generator as a backup power source.

The installation of the second crematory followed a $250,000 renovation of the 17,500-square-foot building, one of five Charles F. Snyder locations.

Snyder Funeral Home adding crematory

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