A vendor marketplace with sellers of vintage and handmade goods has opened in the center of Manheim.

Prussian Street Arcade at 49 N. Main St. has around 100 vendors selling vintage and antique items, apparel, women’s fashion and accessories, home goods, handcrafted furniture and decor as well as toys, candy and baby items.

The marketplace takes a 10,000-square-foot space in REO Manheim Marketplace, a redevelopment of the former Bickel’s Snack Foods complex at 49-51 N. Main St.

Prussian Street Arcade is owned by Susan and Michael Ferrari who live just behind the REO Manheim Marketplace. Susan Ferrari has a clothing brand, Art of Motherhood, which has a spot in the arcade. Michael Ferrari operates a sales and marketing firm, Yolk Ideas, which has its offices in the space.

The main entrance for Prussian Street Arcade is from the courtyard in REO Manheim Marketplace, although some windows of the market are visible from Main Street, which was called Prussian Street until World War I.

REO Manheim Marketplace is being developed by Barney and Suzanne Reiley. Its name pays homage to a time before Bickel’s moved in when the property was a dealership for REO Motorcar Co. That company was founded by Ransom E. Olds, the namesake of Oldsmobile.