Park City car charger

This is the solar-powered electric car charger at Park City Center, in the parking lot between Sears and Kohl's.

Park City Center is set to become the site of the first solar-powered, publicly available electric-car charging station in Pennsylvania on Friday morning.

Installed by Charge Forward, an Elizabethtown startup company, the charging station will be available around the clock at no charge to motorists.

The Park City station, placed in the parking lot between Sears and Kohl’s, can serve two cars at a time.

The station represents an investment of more than $7,000 by Charge Forward, which had the station custom-built by a manufacturer in California.

Charge Forward hopes to make money from the venture by selling advertisements that will be displayed on a 55-inch digital screen at the station, said Travis Eckert, founder and president.

The Park City station is Charge Forward’s first installation, he said.

From Park City’s perspective, the station is part of the shopping center’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, said Rachel Gallagher, senior general manager.

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