A tasting room featuring products from York-based Old Republic Distillery opens Saturday, Jan. 11, in Ephrata.

Old Republic Distillery Tasting Room at 3 Dutchland Drive is inside a circa-1777 barn behind the Pizza Hut on Route 272.

With large wooden beams and original stone walls, the 50-seat tasting room is meant to evoke the feel of a speakeasy. It features 12 specialty cocktails as well as other mixed drinks that can be made from Old Republic Distillery’s liquors, which include varieties of vodka, rum, moonshine and whiskey.

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As a satellite location for Old Republic Distillery in York, state law allows the Ephrata distillery to sell any other Pennsylvania-produced beer, wine or spirits. Available beers will include some from Ephrata beermakers St. Boniface Brewing and Pour Man’s Brewing Co. A rotating selection of Pennsylvania wines also will be available.

While other liquors may eventually be added, the Ephrata distillery tasting room is opening with only Old Republic products.

In addition to drinks, the distillery tasting room has its own food menu of snacks and small plates, including wings, pretzels and fries as well as tacos and mozzarella sticks. The food is prepared in the kitchen of Javateas, which is connected by an internal barn door.

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When the operating hours for Javateas and Old Republic overlap — as they do on Thursday and Friday nights — Old Republic customers can order from the Javateas menu of sandwiches, wraps and salads.

Old Republic Distillery Tasting Room is owned by Kim and Greg Wilson, who also own Javateas and Cloister Cabinetry. They created the tasting room by renovating a former showroom of Cloister Cabinetry, which has moved to another spot on the property.

Old Republic Distillery in York is owned by siblings Bill and Denise Mathias, who opened it in 2013.

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