Melanie Scheid

Melanie Scheid

The Pennsylvania Department of State has taken disciplinary action against six local professionals, including a funeral director.

The department’s Board of Funeral Directors issued a public reprimand of Melanie B. Scheid of Conestoga, it was announced Tuesday.

The board also ordered her to pay a $3,500 civil penalty.

Scheid was sanctioned for “gross incompetence, negligence or misconduct,” and for failing to fulfill her professional duties.

Specifically, Scheid was penalized for conducting a state inspection of a new Lebanon funeral home that she secretly co-owned.

(The state uses licensed funeral directors who have at least 10 years of experience to perform inspections of new facilities.)

That 2010 inspection also led to her being penalized $7,560 by the state Ethics Commission, as this newspaper reported in June.

Scheid retains her funeral director and funeral supervisor licenses.

The state Board of Medicine suspended David A. Lundgren of Marietta from practicing oriental medicine for at least six months.

The board took action because he engaged in sexual behavior with a current patient who he was treating with acupuncture.

The state Board of Nursing took action against three Lancaster County professionals.

Joshua R. Smith of Lititz, who tested positive for cocaine use in 2008, had his license placed on probation for at least three years.

However, the license will be suspended if he fails to comply with a state monitoring program.

Loretta Jo Humbel of Akron had her license suspended for at least three years for violating a 2012 board order to submit to drug testing and attend a support group.

Kimberly Warner of Lititz had her license put on probation for at least three years. It had been suspended in 2010 due to her using controlled substances.

The state Real Estate Commission suspended Jose D. Romero of Landisville. The duration and reason were not immediately available.

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