The lounge in the Keppel Building at 325 N. Queen St. has 11 stations where customers wearing virtual reality goggles can play up to 200 different games or experiences.

The game bays in the 2,500-square-foot space are delineated by black curtains, which can be moved to create larger play areas, or turn the lounge into a space for private parties or corporate events.

Customers rent time in the lounge and can choose from options that include first-person shooter games as well as crafting experiences, sports, escape rooms and exploration experiences. Play costs $9 for 15 minutes, $19 for 30 minutes, and $29 for one hour.

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge operates in an interior space in the Keppel Building, below Primitive Threads, down some steps from the back entrance of Cabalar Meat Co.

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge is owned by Eric Kazda, who is also president of Lancaster digital marketing firm Quantum Dynamix. He said it cost around $200,000 to open the lounge, which will operate with four part-time employees.