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Nate Scott, Cargas Systems president and CEO, is pictured in the company's new office space in 101NQ, the former Bulova building at 101 N. Queen St.

Nate Scott didn’t join Cargas Systems with a goal of becoming its president and chief executive officer some day.

Actually, when Scott answered a newspaper help-wanted ad placed by Cargas in 2005, he didn’t know what job he was pursuing.

“The job posting did not have a job position at all. It just said, ‘We’re hiring creative, intelligent, adaptable people.’ It turned out to be a sales position,” said Scott.

All he knew about the small business-software and consulting firm back then was that it had “a great culture and was working with technology that was in the forefront of its industry.”

That information was good enough for Scott. And Scott proved to be more than good enough for the job.

With guidance from company founder and now-chairman Chip Cargas, who pointed out which professional and personal skills he needed to strengthen in order to advance, Scott slowly but steadily rose in the company.

After 4 1/2 years as a sales consultant, he was promoted to manager of sales and marketing, then vice president of a business unit, then company president in 2015, and in 2017, president and CEO — succeeding his mentor, Chip Cargas.

Scott, 45, of East Petersburg, said the change went smoothly for several reasons. He pointed to his “incremental transition to leadership” and the fact that Chip Cargas wanted Scott to just be himself.

“He encouraged me to do things the way I wanted to do them. ... He wasn’t looking for someone to be just like him. That’s the beautiful thing about Chip. I think he appreciates everyone for who they are,” said Scott.

Cargas was in the news in early October when it became the first occupant of downtown’s 101NQ, moving from the Stockyards Business Park. Its new home is the revitalized former Bulova building at 101 N. Queen St.

Family: wife Audrey and their three daughters — Rosalyn, 12, Irene, 10, and Veronica, 5.

Education: graduate of Penn Manor High School and Lafayette College.

The best business advice I ever heard is: “Never mistake motion for action.” It came from a consultant who was working with Cargas. It means, you can meander around and try to figure things out. But once you have purpose and focus, that movement turns into achievement.

The last book I read: “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari.

The TV shows I most recently binged-watched: “Breaking Bad” and “Alaska: The Last Frontier.”

People might be surprised to know this about me: I have a black belt in tae kwon do.

When I want to relax: We go to our family’s cabin near Caledonia State Park. We have cookouts and go hiking. I also like to go fly fishing.

My dream vacation is: Going out west with my family, hiking, fishing and enjoying each other’s company.