When people learn that Ben Lesher is developing an apartment building next to Clipper Magazine Stadium, one question frequently follows:

Will tenants of Stadium Row be able to see into the ballpark?

The good-natured Lesher doesn’t mind being asked, no matter how often the question has been posed.

Heck, he and his development team wondered the same thing, pondering if Lancaster would get its version of the fans on building roofs outside Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

Lesher said his development team’s architect flew a drone carrying a video camera to various heights above the project site to find out.

The answer, unfortunately for tenants who double as baseball lovers, is that the field won’t be visible from any of the apartments in the four-story building.

Stadium Row will have a rooftop deck, though, that will improve the field’s visibility a little.

The problem is the netting above the right-centerfield fence, which gets covered with advertising during the season. The signage will restrict the view of the field to the third base line and left field, said Lesher.

So Lesher is trying to add to Stadium Row’s elevation.

He considered adding a floor to Stadium Row’s height by putting ground-level parking under it, a concept known as podium parking.

But the proposal proved “too costly,” he said.

All is not lost, however. Putting risers or bleachers on the roof deck are under consideration, according to Lesher.