High Concrete Group is starting an $8 million expansion of its Denver plant that could create 50 to 70 jobs, the company announced Wednesday.

High Concrete president John “J.” Seroky said the year-long project, which he described as a manufacturing “revitalization,” will help it meet growing demand for its architectural precast concrete.

Precast concrete is made by pouring concrete into forms at the concrete-product manufacturer, letting the concrete dry ("cure"), then trucking the finished product to a construction site (rather than pouring the concrete at the construction site).

There it's attached to a building, fulfilling its architectural and aethestic purposes.

High Concrete’s architectural precast products include structural and non-structural walls, cladding (a covering) and panels used as facades for commercial and institutional buildings.

Seroky said the expansion will boost High Concrete’s architectural-precast manufacturing capacity and efficiency, lower the site’s carbon footprint and improve working conditions.

“The increased demand for architectural precast is driven by the need for more efficient, resilient buildings, along with the growing recognition that precast concrete can deliver buildings that are both functional and beautiful,” said Seroky.

The project will more than double the site’s capacity to make architectural precast.

Recent examples of High Concrete’s prowess in the architectural precast field include its work on the Statue of Liberty Museum and a Philadelphia Navy Yard office building.

With the expansion, the Denver site’s workforce will continue to grow substantially. Four years ago, it stood at 326. The workforce now numbers 379. The new project will push it well past 425.

High Concrete declined to disclose the amount of company revenue that's generated by its architectural precast business, but the company did say that the project is expected to lead to an additional $50 million in annual revenue for the plant.

No government assistance has been sought for the project, the company pointed out.

As part of the project, High Concrete will introduce new technology and new concrete mixers that will enable High Concrete to broaden the variety of aggregates it can use, said Sean Dixon, plant maintenance asset manager.

New storage areas will improve quality and repeatability, he added.

The project announced Wednesday will include a change that symbolizes the growing importance of architectural precast, compared to structural precast (used in parking structures and stadiums).

Structural precast operations, now in the biggest building on the 148-acre campus, measuring 96,000 square feet, will switch buildings with architectural precast operations. Structural precast operations will move into a building of 53,000 square feet.

The project includes a new batch plant for structural precast.

High Concrete was in the news in April when LNP reported that the company and Four Seasons Produce in Ephrata were joining with three other organizations to provide free rides for Lancaster city residents who have jobs at those companies, or who wish to apply there. Seven High Concrete employees are using the service.

High Concrete was formed in 1977 when its parent company, Lancaster-based High Industries, acquired the precast business of Kurtz Brothers.

High Industries and a sister company, High Real Estate Group, make up the High companies.