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In the wake of a data breach, an anti-counterfeiting company with local sales and manufacturing operations is advising its employees to be on the alert for identity theft, according to correspondence obtained by LNP.

In early March, “hackers accessed an email containing an attachment which included 2015 W-2 tax forms for all salaried and hourly employees, including some former employees,” reads an email sent to people working for OpSec Security.

The information included names, addresses, Social Security numbers and earnings, but not dates of birth, the email said.

An OpSec spokesperson declined to comment on the matter, citing company policy.

The email said OpSec notified authorities in multiple states and is working with advisers to improve security. It advised employees to monitor their credit and contact the IRS if they haven't filed their 2015 tax returns yet.

It also advised employees not to share sensitive personnel information through email.

OpSec makes anti-counterfeiting products, such as tamper-resistant labels and authentication technology. Its main U.S. facility is in Greenfield Corporate Center.

OpSec has about 200 employees, according to Hoover’s. About 140 people work at the local site, according to previous LNP reporting.

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