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Fulton Bank is facing another delay to its East King Street expansion project and temporary fill-in of the site.

This time, Mother Nature is the culprit.

“We’re behind due to the extreme weather” this winter, said bank spokesman Laura Wakeley on Tuesday.

In its previous timetable, Fulton planned to start filling in the 23 E. King St. site in January.

The work was to be done in April, as the bank pondered the particulars of an expansion to be built there.

Instead, the fill-in project began this week. Concrete workers were on the excavated site this week, spraying concrete on the below-grade walls.

A steady flow of 900 dumptrucks bringing clean fill to the site will begin “soon,” said Wakeley.

Completion, including covering the site with top soil and grass or sod, removing fencing and pouring new sidewalks, is set for early June.

Fulton expects to know this fall how big a building it wants to construct on the site, east of its Penn Square headquarters.

Obtaining various city approval could take another six to nine months, Wakeley estimated.

That would mean the start of construction in mid to late 2015.

Wakeley reiterated that Fulton will build on the former Sovereign Bank site. It just needs to recalculate how much to build.

As part of that process, Fulton is examining its Penn Square and East Petersburg facilities for potentially better uses of space there.

“But even with that, we will be building” the expansion, said Wakeley.

She noted that the bank’s needs have prompted it to lease 12,000 square feet at 160 E. King St. since September 2012. It has about 70 employees there.

The bank is getting closer to determining the size of the expansion, Wakeley indicated.

It’s eliminated a planned underground garage there. So less of the fill will need to be removed when construction begins.

Fulton announced plans to expand at 23 E. King St. in October 2010. A larger version was in September 2012. Fulton then paused the project last September to reassess its needs.

The fill-in was to happen last fall, but Fulton postponed it to January to avoid bringing heavy truck traffic downtown during the holiday season.

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