A restaurant featuring Peruvian-style charcoal roasted chicken is slated to open next month in Lancaster.

Frisco’s will take a spot next to the Lancaster Science Factory at 454 New Holland Ave., the former home of Four54 Grill.

Marinated for two hours and cooked for one hour over a charcoal-fired rotisserie being imported from Peru, Frisco’s chicken will be served whole or in quarters alongside a choice of 10 different side dishes, including yucca, fried rice, roasted vegetables, roasted corn and plantains.

The chicken is “flavorful but not spicy” according to Francisco “Frisco” Gomez de la Torre, who owns the restaurant along with Joshua Rinier and David Gannett. The owners say they hope to open “by the end of October.”

The restaurant’s namesake grew up in Peru before moving at the age of 30 to the United States where he worked at a variety of hotel companies. Gomez de la Torre said he had considered opening his own restaurant for years, a dream that he decided to make a reality after getting laid off this spring from his job as director of conference services at the Holiday Inn Lancaster.

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