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The pandemic and the ongoing recovery continue to have an uneven impact on the Lancaster County economy, as indicated by the number of jobs in each economic sector over the past two years, a new state report shows. 

Below is a category-by-category breakdown of how each sector has fared. 

The first figure is the number of jobs in that category in June 2021, according to figures released Tuesday by the state Department of Labor & Industry. That number is followed by the one-year change from June 2020 (when the recovery from the pandemic was in its early months), followed by the two-year change from June 2019 (before the pandemic). 

Of the 14 industry sectors, only four – construction, financial activities, state government and transportation -- have bounced back beyond their level of two years ago. This varied impact is consistent with earlier sector-by-sector looks at the local economy by LNP | LancasterOnline. 

Construction, mining and logging: 19,000 – up 800 from June 2020 and up 200 from June 2019. 

Education and health services (includes colleges, business schools, trade schools, public schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices, retirement communities, rehabilitation facilities, mental health providers, childcare centers, child and youth service providers): 44,400 – up 200 from June 2020 but down 1,300 from June 2019. 

Federal government: 1,200 – down 100 from June 2020 and down 100 from June 2019. 

Financial activities (includes banking, lending, insurance, leasing, real estate): 9,700 – up 200 from June 2020 and up 500 from June 2019. 

Information (includes publishers of newspapers, books, periodicals, software; broadcasters; telecom firms; recording studios): 2,400 – up 100 from June 2020 but down 300 from June 2019. 

Leisure and hospitality (hotels, restaurants, bars, food service, dinner theaters, museums, amusement parks, performing arts companies and independent writers, artists and performers): 21,800 – up 6,300 from June 2020 but down 5,600 from June 2019. 

Within the leisure-and-hospitality sector is the subsector of food services and drinking places (bars, restaurants, caterers, dining halls, school and workplace cafeterias): 14,300 – up 2,800 from June 2020 but down 3,500 from June 2019. 

Local government: 15,100 –no change from June 2020, down 700 from June 2019. 

Manufacturing: 36,100 – up 1,400 from June 2020 but down 1,600 from June 2019. 

Other services (repair and maintenance of cars, appliances, electronic equipment etc., barber shops, nail salons, beauty salons, funeral homes, laundries): 12,200 – up 2,100 from June 2020 but down 600 from June 2019. 

Professional and business services (includes lawyers, accountants, engineers, computer services, consultants, researchers): 25,500 – up 1,500 from June 2020 but down 1,200 from June 2019. 

Retail trade: 28,400 – up 2,200 from June 2020 but down 1,200 from June 2019. 

State government: 2,900 – up 800 from June 2020 and up 600 from June 2019. 

Transportation (includes rail and air transportation, freight trucking, school and charter buses, pipelines, etc.), warehousing and utilities: 15,800 – up 1,600 from June 2020 and up 1,400 from June 2019. 

Wholesale trade: 14,300 – up 1,000 from June 2020 but down 2,000 from June 2019. 

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