Dunkin Donuts Lititz

Eddie Delvadia, Len Hohmann and Parth Delvadia (left to right) presented their plan at the May 28 Lititz Borough Council meeting

If all goes as planned, Lititz can expect to be enjoying chocolate-glazed donuts, hot caramel macchiatos, and caramel iced coffee by next spring.

At the May 28 meeting of Lititz Borough Council, developers for Lititz’s first Dunkin’ Donuts were granted approval of a conditional use request to demolish a portion of the building at 737 S.Broad St. to make way for a new drive-through Dunkin’ Donuts.

The targeted location for the new Dunkin’ Donuts formerly housed Lititz Service Center, which is now closed. It would be situated on South Broad Street across from Keller Bros. Ford.

The developers are Eddie Delvadia and Parth Delvadia of Hershey, who are father and son, respectively, and own three other Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Mount Joy, Harrisburg and Enola. The proposed Lititz location would be their fourth.

They attended the meeting for a public conditional use hearing, with Len Hohmann serving as representative for Delta-Par, LLC.

The property is located in the general business zoning district, which allows for a drive-through restaurant. In order to repurpose the former garage and showroom, a portion of the building would need to be demolished and rebuilt. The building would be situated closer to South Broad Street to allow for drive-through traffic to enter and circle the building.

“We would need proper circulation for the drive-through,” explained Hohmann, adding that the drive-through would also allow for an escape lane.

The proposed Dunkin’ Donuts would be a smaller size, compared to other Dunkin’ Donuts, at approximately 1,600 sq. ft. The portion to be demolished would be about 420 sq. ft., with another 430 sq. ft. added.

The building could also be accessed from Raspberry Lane to the rear, which would serve as an emergency entrance to the building.

The exterior design would be similar to other Dunkin’ Donuts buildings, with light wood like paneling, accented by orange and bright pink colors. There would be expansive glass windows along the front.

Since Dunkin’ Donuts is now known as Dunkin’ the signage would state simply "Dunkin’" with "Coffee and More" written below.

Inside the building there would be space for preparing food, seating for guests and restrooms. The Dunkin’ menu includes coffee beverages, frozen drinks, iced drinks, donuts, breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and lunch sandwiches.

Approval of the conditional use request is only the first step in bringing Dunkin’ to Lititz. The plan will require approval of PennDOT for the drive-through and traffic plan. The land development plan will also require a favorable review from the planning commission, with preliminary and final plans ultimately approved by Lititz Borough Council.

“We hope that if all goes well, we can look at starting construction in the fall,” said Hohmann, adding that that could mean an opening sometime in early to mid-2020.