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Fulton Financial on Wednesday lowered its previously announced fourth quarter and full-year results, saying a certain commercial loan was in worse shape than believed earlier.

Fulton, the county’s biggest banking firm, said its fourth quarter net profits fell 17.7% to $47.8 million (29 cents a share), not the 6.9% drop originally reported Jan. 21.

Likewise, the full year’s net profits were up 8.6% to $226.3 million ($1.35 a share), according to Lancaster-based Fulton, not the 11.6% increase originally reported.

Fulton said the reason for the changes was a newly revised view of a $29 million bad loan to an unidentified commercial borrower.

After initially thinking it would take a $12 million loss on the loan, which the borrower has stopped repaying, Fulton said “additional information” has caused it to change that forecast to a $20 million hit.

The revised fourth-quarter net earnings and full-year net earnings are down 11.6% and 2.7% respectively from the originally announced figures.