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Kendall Andrade, Jared Shuey and George Zagas, are pictured in Alexander Coffee Bar, which opened in March at Tellus360. 

Alexander Coffee Bar, which opened this spring inside Tellus360, 24 E. King St., but had only been open intermittently, is now closed permanently.

Alexander Coffee Bar served coffee and tea alongside a Mediterranean-inspired food menu from a street-level space just inside the 24 E King St. bar, restaurant and night club. The coffee shop has its own entrance which led to a coffee station that was built as an extension of the first-floor bar at Tellus360.

Alexander Coffee Bar is owned by George Zagas, who also operates Aura Espresso Room at 44 N. Queen St. Zagas said he decided to close Alexander Coffee Bar because he has been so busy managing Aura Espresso Room, not because of the business shutdowns meant to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Zagas said the sidewalk serving window at Aura Espresso Room helped that coffee shop increase its business as other coffee shops shut down or limited their operations. Since Aura Espresso Room was so busy, Zagas said he had to spend more time there, limiting how much time he could devote to his location inside Tellus360.

Zagas said gift cards from Alexander Coffee Bar will be honored at Aura Espresso Room.

A representative from Tellus360 said they were planning to operate the former Alexander Coffee Bar space themselves, and will be announcing a new concept in the next several weeks.

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