The McDonald’s in Elizabethtown at 1284 Market St. reopens June 7 after being torn down and completely rebuilt.

After being completely torn down and then rebuilt, the McDonald’s restaurant in Elizabethtown reopens Monday.

The 4,500 square-foot restaurant at 1284 S. Market St. closed in late January and has been reconstructed in the same footprint with fast-food chain’s “arcade contemporary style.” It now features self-ordering kiosks inside and double drive-thru lanes outside, which have both become standard for new McDonald’s restaurant, said Cliff Sovine, director of operations for franchisee Rawden Joint Ventures.

Sovine said he was unable to estimate the cost to rebuild the restaurant that first opened in 1984 but had undergone several renovations. The new restaurant is expected to operate with around 70 employees, with just over half that number already hired, Sovine said.

Owned by Stephanie and Christian Rawden, Rawden Joint Ventures operates 43 McDonald’s in Philadelphia and Central Pennsylvania, including other Lancaster County restaurants in Mount Joy, Centerville, Greenfield and East Town Centre.

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