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he following were recorded at the Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds office May 25-29:

Akron Borough

Gary N. Balmer, Joanne M. Balmer and Wilbur & Ethel Balmer Irrevocable Trust conveyed property on Main Street to Benjamin L. Jones and Gwen N. Jones for $0.

Brecknock Township

Kent A. Unruh and Sandra K. Unruh conveyed property on a public road to Melvin R. Zimmerman and Nora Jane Zimmerman for $72,500.

Tyler J. Angle and Acacia E. Angle conveyed property on Millrace Run to Cristen M. Miller for $264,500.

Talon Holdings LLC conveyed 141 E. Valley Road to John Anthony Fitzpatrick IV and Samantha Mae Fitzpatrick for $112,400.

Kent A. Unruh and Sandra K. Unruh conveyed property on a public road to Kevin Ray Zimmerman for $62,000.

Clay Township

Gloria Solanto conveyed Unit 114 to John H. Burkholder and Carol A. Burkholder for $318,500.

Lincoln Land Group Inc. conveyed 318 Tradition Lane to Barry L. Gingrich and Kimbra A. Gingrich for $409,852.

East Cocalico Township

Horst & Son Inc. conveyed property on Coastal Avenue to Hurst Dwellings LLC for $214,000.

David N. Brubaker and Kaitlyn Brubaker conveyed property on a public road to Brenna A. Woodcraft and Ian A. Pammer for $193,000.

Shannon Brian Cooley, Kathryn Warren Cooley, Shannon B. Cooley and Kathryn Warren conveyed property on a public road to Shannon Brian Cooley and Kathryn Warren Cooley for $1.

West Cocalico Township

Max W. Rey and Marlene J. Rey conveyed property on a public road to Bryan J. Entrekin and Marikay B. Entrekin for $0.

Columbia Borough

Fred Smith Jr. and S. Marie Smith conveyed property on a public road to Fred Smith Jr. for $1.

Ronald M. Shaffer and Betty J. Shaffer conveyed property on Locust Street to Kevin Shaffer and Julie Shaffer for $63,500.

Savitri Chatram conveyed property on South Second Street to Raymond Hallacher for $144,001.

Tyler J. Musser, Sarah E. Leader and Sarah E. Musser conveyed 1021 Walnut St. to Charles McClair, Renata Lynn Broome and Geoffrey Broome for $163,000.

Kristopher R. Lutz and Kristopher Lutz conveyed 567 Locust St. to Ian R. Worley for $148,000.

Jeffrey S. Groff conveyed property on Bethel Street to Daniel Shade for $12,000.

Conestoga Township

Jacob B. Fisher and Mary G. Fisher conveyed property on a public road to Michael Hollister for $155,000.

Conoy Township

Paul D. Wonders and Janelle E. Wonders conveyed 1330 Bair Road to Merlin L. Martin and Lavonne K. Martin for $405,000.

Denver Borough

Marc D. Rathman, Nikki T. Wise and Nikki Tania Fernandez conveyed property on a public road to Marc D. Rathman for $200,790.

East Donegal Township

Daniel M. Gordon, Morgan Lee Gordon and Morgan L. Mcadoo conveyed property on a public road to Robert V. Lefever and Rebecca R. Lefever for $190,000.

Boris B. Jozic conveyed 43 Chelmsford Drive to Jorge E. Robayo and Janet Robayo for $149,000.

Krista Heffley conveyed property on a public road to Walter E. Beaston and Tracy Beaston for $175,000.

West Donegal Township

Steven L. Reed and Jill L. Reed conveyed property on a public road to Gregory Scot Hauck and Aime J. Hauck for $489,500.

David A. Salley, Alison Nicole Moffett and Alison N. Salley conveyed 39 Valerie Drive to David A. Salley and Alison N. Salley for $1.

East Drumore Township

Olivia Pryzbylkowski, Olivia Hollenback, Timothy Hollenback and Timothy M. Hollenback conveyed property on Solanco Road to Olivia Hollenback and Timothy Hollenback for $1.

The estate of Maris W. Trout conveyed property on Buck Road to Stephen M. Trout and Heather L. Trout for $200,000.

Earl Township

Soco Enterprises LLC, Earl Township Partners LLC and Mark R. Will conveyed property on a public road to Grande Land LP for $85,000.

East Earl Township

Christie G. Hertzler, Christie G. Hertzler Yang, Christie G Hertzler Yang and Laurie S. Hertzler conveyed property on Red Fern Drive to Brian R. Hall and Amy J. Hall for $215,000.

Christina A. Kaufmann and Christina A. Hopper conveyed property on a public road to Hurst Dwelling LLC for $189,900.

Sandra J. Arment and Gordon R. Arment conveyed property on a public road to Ronnie E. Vandun and Tina L. Vandun for $1.

Norman Ziemer Jr. and Janet Ziemer conveyed property on a public road to Teng Yang, Christie G. Hertzler Yang and Christie G Hertzler Yang for $246,800.

Edith L. Hess conveyed property on a public road to Drew L. Sauder and Bethanie R. Sauder for $235,000.

West Earl Township

Evelyn M. Ernst conveyed property on a public road to Amos L. King and Judith I. King for $345,000.

East Petersburg Borough

Gary Himelwright and Lou Ann Himelwright conveyed 5044 Martin Drive to Sarah M. Jozic and Boris B. Jozic for $274,900.

The estate of Vernon J. Heinley conveyed property on Rainbow Drive to Bruce Quinn for $1.

Elizabeth Township

Chadam R. McGarvey and Alexiss A. O’Connell conveyed property on a public road to Chadam R. McGarvey for $1.

Elizabethtown Borough

M. Donald White, Lois E. White and Milton Donald White conveyed property on Overlook Circle Drive to Milton Donald White, Lois E. White and Milton & Lois White Living Trust for $1.

Terry Ann Hoffman conveyed 316 E. Cedar St. to Terry Ann Hoffman and Leroy M. Hartley for $1.

Joseph T. Dehner Jr. and Richard M. Miller II conveyed 508 Ridge Road to Brandon K. Lippi and Stephanie M. Lippi for $187,000.

Darlene D. Anderson, Darlene D. Monahan and Betty L. Kandes conveyed 690 Mount Joy St. to Kelby J. Klahold for $167,000.

Ephrata Borough

Lorraine M. O’Connor, Donald T. O’Connor and Lorraine M. O’Connor Revocable Trust conveyed property on a public road to Donald T. O’Connor, Lorraine M. O’Connor, Donald T. O’Connor & Lorraine M. Oconnor Revocable Trust Agreement, Revocable Trust Agreement of Donald T. O’Connor & Lorraine M. O’Connor and O’Connor Donald T. & Lorraine M. O’Connor Revocable Trust Agreement for $1.

Duane A. Hoover conveyed 150 Heatherwood Drive to Matthew P. McKinney and Annika C. Naumann for $166,900.

Richard A. Moses conveyed property on a public road to Richard A. Moses and Angela Schuler for $1.

Kent J. Terry III and Rebekah A. Terry conveyed 143 Park Ave. to Michael Baker and Amie L. Baker for $167,000.

Dennis Michael Royer conveyed 39 E. Walnut St. to Dennis Michael Royer and Carol Ann Royer for $1.

Ephrata Township

Ryan Kennedy and Karolin Kennedy conveyed property on Mohler Church Road to Peter M. Beckary for $225,000.

Nicole L. Fonos and Nicole L. Vance conveyed property on a public road to Nicole L. Vance and Mathew Thomas Vance for $1.

Keith H. Martin, Vera H. Martin Revocable Living Trust and Keith Martin conveyed property on a public road to Hilltop Investment Group LLC for $800,000.

East Hempfield Township

Joseph J. Doskocil Jr. and Nancy L. Doskocil conveyed Unit 13 to Richard A. Wilson and Sandra L. Wilson for $360,000.

James L. Cornman and Erin L. Cornman conveyed 45 Main St. to Erin L. Cornman for $1.

Mehul J. Lalani and Dhara Lalani conveyed property on a public road to Nina R. Moragne and Preston P. Moragne Jr. for $255,000.

Alan H. Cherkin conveyed property on Ridings Way to Re Create Investments LLC for $175,000.

Patrick W. Trimble and Susan Z. Trimble conveyed Unit 55 to Sebastian C Garaycoa Loor and Karen E. Roda for $300,000.

Sandra L. Delgado, Sandra L. Wilson and Richard A. Wilson conveyed 101 Eagle Nest Court to Nelson B. Townsend and Carolyn Townsend for $250,000.

West Hempfield Township

Robert D. Leitch conveyed property on Miller Avenue to Meghan Elaine Busby for $200,000.

Ruth T. Martin conveyed property on a public road to John M. Hess and Rebecca L. Hess for $150,500.

East Lampeter Township

The estate of Ruth Spade conveyed property on Drexel Avenue to Alicia Michelle Miller for $190,000.

Cheryl Anne Peck Revocable Trust, Cheryl Anne Arthur and Cheryl Anne Peck conveyed property on a public road to Cheryl Anne Arthur for $1.

Craig H. Sama, Kristyn M. Sama, Kristyn M. Goetz and Kristyn M. Varner conveyed property on Krystle Drive to Craig H. Sama and Kristyn M. Sama for $1.

The estate of Martha E. Faucett conveyed 216 Geist Road to Dale R. Russell and Donna M. Russell for $240,000.

West Lampeter Township

Edward A. Ridgeway and Christine A. Ridgeway conveyed 2830 Willow Street Pike to Edward A. Ridgeway for $1.

Carol Ann Davis Garber conveyed property on Pleasant View Avenue to Bayley J. Davis for $196,000.

The estate of Judith A. Kepiro conveyed Unit 68 to John Pritchard Jr. and Suzanne Pritchard for $249,900.

Samuel S. Dienner and Norma J. Dienner conveyed property on Birch Drive to Travis A. Dombach and Hannah E. Dombach for $349,900.

Daniel M. Brubaker conveyed property on Conard Road to Daniel M. Brubaker and Michelle Troutman Brubaker for $1.

Daniel J. Jones and Nicole I. Jones conveyed 2508 Willow Street Pike to Willow Street Corner LP for $350,000.

Amos L. King conveyed property on a public road to Gerald V. Coyle for $232,500.

Lancaster city

Jeronima Huete and Jeronima Puchalski conveyed property on Reynolds Avenue to Jeronima Huete, Odeth Veronica Molina Huete and Jeronima Puchalski for $1.

Tasha M. Wright conveyed 113 S. Marshall St. to John F. Wright for $1.

Stonehedge Holdings LLC conveyed 116 Laurel St. to Colby B. Shank and Cynthia Shank for $110,000.

Denise M. Claar conveyed 738 1/2 Marietta Ave. to Matthew Reeves for $80,000.

Lancaster Press Partners LP, Lancaster Press Management LLC and Eddie P. Drogaris conveyed Unit 403 to Michael C. Carlini for $0.

Columbia Empire Group LLC, Jerry J. Johnson and Jerry Johnson conveyed 544 N. Plum St. to Evan Alexander Davis and Sarah Miller Rush for $245,000.

Ashmani Seepaul conveyed 707 S. Queen St. to Veronica Booth for $82,450.

Clark A. Dougherty and Dawn M. Dougherty conveyed 514 Poplar St. to City Line Real Estate LLC for $93,000.

David L. Baum and Fermalene A. Dahn conveyed 654 N. Mary St. to Mark Ndoci for $100,000.

Gregory Ritter, Desiree C. Ritter and Desiree C. Dadura conveyed property on East Chestnut Street to Wardell John Jackson III for $249,000.

Green Park RE LLC and Jacob King conveyed property on Beaver Street to Henry S. Beiler for $67,500.

Travis F. Rutt and Crystal R. Rutt conveyed property on Howard Avenue to Duane L. Zimmerman and Kelsie J. Zimmerman for $95,000.

Joseph M. Suggs conveyed 313 S. Prince St. to MK Joint Ventures LLC for $50,000.

Brooke Gilliford conveyed 668 W. Walnut St. to Brooke G. Nardo for $0.

Tywone L. Stewart and Tywone Stewart conveyed 540 E. Marion St. to James Larune Stewart for $100,000.

Ian B. Zubaly and Jessica F. Zubaly conveyed 525 N. Plum St. to Red Rose Restore LLC for $10,000.

Rockford Capital Group LLC conveyed property on Juniata Street to Oldtown LLC for $77,500.

Ronald Roundy and Erma Stauffer conveyed 16 N. Broad St. to Ron Roundy, Erma Stauffer and Ron Roundy & Erma Stauffer Trust for $1.

Stonehedge Holdings LLC conveyed 622 High St. to Improvement Specialties LLC for $60,000.

Paul H. Ripple 2020 Trust, The estate of Paul H. Ripple, Edward A. Ripple, Carol Ricks, Carol R. Ricks and Carol Ripple Ricks conveyed Unit 206 to Gregory J. Scott and Terri Scott for $370,000.

Ronald J. Roundy and Erma Stauffer conveyed 640 St. Joseph Street to Ron Roundy, Erma Stauffer and Ron Roundy & Erma Stauffer Trust for $1.

J. Gary Neff conveyed property on South Queen Street to South Queen St. Holdings LLC for $1.

Bradley A. Gearhart conveyed property on South Queen Street to South Queen St. Holdings LLC for $1.

Luis Suarez Lago, Luis Suarez Lago, Aleida Delcarmen Garcia Pirez and Aleida Delcarmen Garcia Pirez conveyed property on Lucilla Court to Juan D. Vargas for $117,900.

Charlotte Brown, Charlotte Young and Charlotte Young Brown conveyed 446 S. Plum St. to Robert A. Anderson IV for $5.

Timothy R. Hess and Ana C. Hess conveyed 714 New Holland Ave. to Alexander C. Herr for $150,000.

Israel Ramos Vera and Israel Ramos Vera conveyed 722 Union St. to Israel Ramos Vera, Israel Ramos Vera and Yahaira Ramos for $1.

Re Create Investments LLC, Wendell I. Huyard and Nathan G. Huyard conveyed property on a public road to Jamie B. Reeder for $179,900.

Lancaster Township

Scott W. Castle and Lindsay M. Castle conveyed property on School Lane to Alan J. Farash and Michele G. Farash for $615,000.

Leacock Township

Francis J. Ernst and Beverly L. Ernst conveyed property on a public road to James A. Bradley for $84,000.

Stephen E. Stoltzfus Jr. and Sara Ann Stoltzfus conveyed property on a public road to Beechdale Associates for $81,569.

Lititz Borough

Joan M. Winter conveyed property on Sixth Street to John R. Brumbaugh for $265,000.

48 North Broad Street LLC and Ian Ruzow conveyed Unit 2G to Paul J. Suor and Marian Renee Suor for $642,654.

Wayne G. Hummer Jr. and Cynthia D. Hummer conveyed 318 Linden St. to Jonathan C. Wenger for $382,500.

Ronald P. Seiger and Sarah E. Seiger conveyed property on Forney Drive to Steven P. Seiger for $1.

James A. Weaver, Wendy S. McClarigan Weaver, Wendy S. McClarigan and Wendy S. McCkarigan Weaver conveyed 71 Arrowhead Drive to Aaron M. Jones and Holly N. Jones for $226,500.

Manheim Township

EG Stoltzfus Homes LLC and Stoltzfus EG Homes LLC conveyed property on Delp Road to Charles Timothy Byers Jr. and Kelsey Byers for $482,500.

The estate of Martha J. Desch conveyed property on Covington Place to Christopher Todd Newhook and Julie A. Newhook for $210,000.

Daniel W. Moyer IV, Linda L. Moyer and Dan Moyer conveyed property on a public road to Austin David Sahd for $150,000.

Bidur Thapa conveyed 302 Murry Hill Drive to Dhan Thapa for $232,500.

Robert P. Hager III and Aimee B. Hager conveyed property on Randolph Drive to Alexander C. Meier and Grace M. Loudon for $426,000.

Rose A. Pezenosky conveyed 1042 Homeland Drive to Grandview Lane Properties LP for $30,000.

Dana Rae Kratz and Terry L. Kratz conveyed 959 Green Terrace to Dana Rae Kratz for $1.

Manheim Borough

Renee K. Reed conveyed 127 W. High St. to Mitchell J. Witman for $220,000.

Manor Township

Holly R. Grant and Donald Thomas Grant conveyed 1783 Hemlock Road to Joshua E. Yellets for $177,000.

Kyle R. Jones conveyed property on Miller Road to Steven G. Jones and Donna H. Jones for $1.

Rik S. Appleby conveyed property on a public road to William Swinsburg and Barbara Swinsburg for $224,900.

Donna G. Taylor conveyed property on a public road to Dean C. Johnson and Kathy L. Johnson for $174,900.

Murry Development Corp. conveyed property on Copperstone Court to Megan L. Ouellet for $346,715.

Jeffrey P. Ouellet and Megan L. Ouellet conveyed property on West Charlotte Street to Jeffrey P. Ouellet for $1.

Walter L. Beasley and Heidi M. Csallner conveyed property on Victoria Road to Walter L. Beasley for $1.

Marietta Borough

William P. Strube Inc., Strube William P. Inc. and Strube Inc. conveyed property on a public road to Burma Road Associates LLC for $300,000.

Martic Township

Janice O. Alexander conveyed property on Martic Heights Drive to Chad B. Green for $343,000.

Stephen P. Quigg and Gail Z. Quigg conveyed property on Oak Glen Drive to Quigg Principal Protection Trust for $1.

Edwin J. Cook Jr. conveyed property on a public road to Steven B. Smoker for $150,000.

Chad B. Green conveyed property on a public road to Shane D. Brewer and Naomi R. Brewer for $199,900.

Millersville Borough

Glen R. Grell and Elaine S. Grell conveyed 118 Elizabeth St. to Magnolia Lane Properties LLC for $142,500.

Richard L. Mehrenberg and Stephanie D. Mehrenberg conveyed 438 Penn View Drive to Richard L. Mehrenberg for $1.

The estate of Cecelia T. Shaeffer conveyed 179 New St. to Cecelia R. Landis for $1.

Mount Joy Township

James T. Keller and Susan M. Keller conveyed property on a public road to Terence R. Rielly and Heidi P. Rielly for $413,000.

Dane T. Bortzfield conveyed property on Knoll Road Drive to Zkrr Eggleston for $152,500.

Emanuel Beiler and Sarah Beiler conveyed 775 Greentree Road to William D. Jones for $144,000.

New Holland Borough

Coleen L. Davenport conveyed 376 E. Main St. to MM Pro LLC for $230,000.

Penn Township

Douglas R. Snavely, Deborah A. Snavely, Terry L. Shaffer and Judy C. Shaffer conveyed property on a public road to Mountain Ridge Properties LLC for $420,000.

Nathan R. Havrilak, Kaitlyn E. Sentz and Kaitlyn E. Havrilak conveyed property on a public road to Nathan R. Havrilak and Kaitlyn E. Havrilak for $1.

Frederick F. Centini Jr. and Trudie K. Centini conveyed 441 Thrush Drive to Lou Ann Himelwright and Gary R. Himelwright for $235,000.

Galen H. Brumbaugh and Gloria A. Brumbaugh conveyed 468 Meadowlark Lane to Dalitza Zaragoza for $140,000.

Awakened Properties LLC and Daniel Zecher conveyed 187 Fruitville Pike to Colleen Fantaski for $249,900.

Daryl B. Thomson and Brenda L. Thomson conveyed Unit 87 to Kathleen Sapio for $229,900.

Providence Township

Daniel R. Musser conveyed property on a public road to Daniel R. Musser and Rachel L. Musser for $1.

Scott E. Mentz conveyed property on Corn Planter Road to Scott E. Mentz and Rebecca A. Mentz for $1.

Rapho Township

Elm Tree Properties LLC, Ironstone Homes LLC and Trevor J. Eby conveyed Unit 61 to Hannah C. Gerz and Marshall C. Gerz for $427,500.

Doretta B. Wantz, Doretta B. Weaver and W. Ray Weaver conveyed 2010 Robin Drive to Mary E. Wenger for $180,000.

Sadsbury Township

Ira J. Beiler and Lena F. Beiler conveyed property on a public road to Daniel Z. Stoltzfus for $210,000.

Strasburg Township

Travis A. Dombach and Hannah E. Dombach conveyed property on a public road to Paul Andrew Rabold and Dana Shea Rabold for $182,000.

Terre Hill Borough

Alicia L. Breasette conveyed 408 Maple St. to Anthony J. Rhen for $165,000.

Warwick Township

Howard Weachter Jr. and Darlene F. Weachter conveyed property on Briar Crest Manor to Leon R. Zimmerman and Lois J. Zimmerman for $280,000.

Gregg Bair and Teresa Bair conveyed property on Sunrise Drive to Jessica R. Fry and Christian R. Fry Jr. for $196,000.

Toa Lititz LP and Toa Lititz Advisors LLC conveyed 406 Valor Drive to Richard A. Schmeck and Terri H. Schmeck for $482,626.