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Here is a list of Lancaster County bankruptcies recorded in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Reading, Sept. 24-30.

Jonathan A. and Danielle L. Keperling, 700 block of North Franklin Street. Chapter 13.

Stewart M. Ireland, first block of Apple Avenue, Marietta. Chapter 7.

Melvin Torres Cruz, first block of Greythorne Road. Chapter 13.

John L. Hockley II, first block of Naomi Avenue, Landisville. Chapter 13.

Dustan Lee Hoffa, 800 block of Broad Street, East Earl. Chapter 7.

Regina Gail Blann, 800 block of West Main Street, New Holland. Chapter 13.

Edward Williams, first block of Ann Street, Christiana. Chapter 13.

Peter Fitzgerald, 1500 block of Lampeter Road. Chapter 13.

Vernon Kiehl, 1900 block of St. Regis Lane. Chapter 13.

Elmer David Lantz, first block of Bill Drive, Denver. Chapter 13.

Christopher F. Slaugh, first block of Apple Lane, Mountville. Chapter 13.

Jeffrey H. Pike, 1200 block of Kinderhook Road, Columbia. Chapter 7.

Suzette M. Tipton, 1400 block of Dridge Hill Road, Lititz. Chapter 7.

Kevin E. and Lori C. Angus, 5700 block of Meadeville Road, Gap. Chapter 7.

Michael C. Tomaine and Joan R. Kretzer, 500 block of Wood Duck Drive, Manheim. Chapter 7.

Justin M. Sheetz, 1000 block of Milton Grove Road North, Elizabethtown. Chapter 7.

Andrew J. Weaver, 700 block of East Main Street, Ephrata. Chapter 7.

Kayla M. Lear, 600 block of Fulton Street, Akron. Chapter 7.

Alice M. Ireland, first block of Garden City Drive. Chapter 7.

William R. and Abigail C. Troutman, 200 block of Shamrock Drive, Mount Joy. Chapter 13.

Kaitlyn M. Vacca, 400 block of Groffdale Road, Quarryville. Chapter 7.

Shane B. and Christine M. Miller, 1700 block of Swarr Run Road, Lancaster. Chapter 7.

Roger and Betty Goff, first block of Terrie Lane, East Earl. Chapter 7.

Tyler A. Jones, first block of Cranfield Court, Elizabethtown. Chapter 7.

Under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, a debtor’s assets are liquidated to pay creditors. Under Chapter 11, the debtor, often a company, reorganizes and may pay some creditors. Under Chapter 13, a debtor proposes a repayment plan.