Here's everything you wanted to know about the popular Discovery channel series Amish Mafia and its cast of characters. 

The production company behind "Amish Mafia" is now working on "Amish Haunting," a new reality TV series scheduled to debut on the Destination …

Notice any similarities between Mean Mary from "Amish Mafia" and Roz of "Monsters, Inc."?

Lebanon Levi is the main enforcer of the "Amish Mafia" show on the Discovery Channel.

At what point does the Discovery Channel pull the plug on “Amish Mafia,” the purely fictional TV “reality” series that depicts a supposed dark side of Amish life in Lancaster County? Does someone have to die first?

The "Amish Mafia" isn't enough. Filmmakers will film an Amish horror movie in Lancaster County this month.

Alan Beiler, a Lancaster County resident and "Amish Mafia" star who led police on a high-speed chase in the Duncannon area last summer, was se…

Recently, my mother-in-law was in town. As with many people from elsewhere, she was interested in learning about the Amish.