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Lasik surgery gone awry?

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Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2008 12:56 pm | Updated: 5:37 pm, Wed Sep 11, 2013.

Editor, New Era:

This is in response to the Lancaster New Era's Saturday, Feb. 9, article entitled "When Lasik fails." After reading this article, I knew I needed to tell my story.

I had Lasik surgery in October of 2002 and my life has never been the same since.

The surgery has left me with severe dry eye, halos, starbursts and extreme sensitivity to light. I cannot be around heaters or any type of forced air flow. Air-conditioning makes my eyes worse.

Because of this problem, I have trouble going to malls, restaurants or even going for a walk on a windy day.

I have had punctual plugs, tried just about every eye drop on the market, wear special "goggles" to keep air away from my eyes and wear sunglasses most of the time to cut down on glare.

I have seen five ophthalmologists (two at Johns Hopkins) and none of them will say my problems are a direct result of Lasik surgery.

I cannot read or watch TV for long periods of time. Computer work is totally out for me as it makes my dry eye much worse. A simple pleasure such as a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, I can no longer enjoy as these are diuretics and affect my eyes.

I have lost two homes, had to quit three jobs and have gone through all my savings since having this procedure done.

Is there a correlation between depression and this procedure? You be the judge!

Linda Shifflet