A Lancaster man charged with viciously beating a star of hit television series "Amish Mafia" was allowed out of prison on bail Monday.

Imir R. Williams has been at Lancaster County Prison since Nov. 6, charged with repeatedly punching Esther Schmucker at her Strasburg home on Halloween.

Schmucker, who plays "Esther" on Discovery Channel's Lancaster County-based series, sustained a broken nose and broken cheekbone.

Williams, 24, was scheduled to plead guilty Monday morning, but had complications with his attorney, who wasn't comfortable with the plea.

When informed the plea would not be happening, Williams became frustrated in court.

"I just want to go home," he said. "I've been in two months already. I just want to get this over with. I shouldn't have put my hands on her. I was wrong. No matter how many times she hit me or what she hit me with."

Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker told Williams he had already spent more prison time than warranted on a standard sentence for what he's charged with: simple assault and stalking.

Reinaker allowed Williams to be free on $50,000 unsecured bail under house-arrest until he pleads guilty, likely later this week.

Schmucker was outside of court prepared to give a statement if Williams pleaded guilty. She never entered the courtroom.

Williams, however, had plenty to say about his former girlfriend.

"She waited four days to call the police because she said she forgave me," he said in court. "Now she's playing this victim role."

Williams told Reinaker he would be staying with his aunt in Lancaster city.

Reinaker ordered that he have no contact with Schmucker.

"I'm far from that," Williams replied.

Williams, an aspiring hip-hop artist under the alias "Mirkat," is expected to be released Monday afternoon.

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