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Elderly couple in Providence Township wants Comcast to bury cable line

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Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 10:43 pm | Updated: 12:46 am, Thu Sep 12, 2013.

Hey, Comcast.

Remember that cable that your workers snaked through John and Miriam Hess' Providence Township backyard on Sept. 1, during a hookup of a neighbor's television service?

The black cable, looking a little like an errant extension cord running through the middle of someone's living room, has been draped across the Hesses' backyard for seven weeks now.

John Hess, 87, who is a little wobbly on his feet, says he's afraid he'll trip over it when he walks out to his shed, where he likes to putter around every day.

His kids worry that their mom, Miriam, 85, who has had two knee replacements, will get her foot caught on it when she goes out to check on their dad.

The Hesses, their kids and a neighbor say they have made at least 10 telephone calls to you to try to get you to send out someone who will bury the line.

Oh, you sent workers out, they say. Twice. And, sure, they looked at the cable.

But they never actually did anything about it.

In fact, Hess says one worker told him, "If it gets in your way, just cut it."


One of the elderly couple's sons, Rodney, has gotten so darn mad he's thought about it. But he says he wouldn't do that because it wouldn't be fair to his dad's neighbor and, besides, he just wasn't brought up that way.

So he's trying to be patient. He put a rubber mat over part of the cable, hoping his dad won't trip on the mat.

And he has kept calling. He says he finally got in touch last week with a supervisor, who promised him someone would call him about the cable.

But nobody did.

He hoped you would make good on your latest promise, made to a neighbor, to send someone out Tuesday to bury the cable.

But nobody showed up.

And he got his hopes up again Wednesday morning when a Comcast truck actually pulled onto his parents' street in the Spread Eagle mobile home village off Route 272, south of Smithville.

A worker got out of the truck, but approached a neighbor's home and then drove away as Hess was venting his frustrations about the situation to a reporter.

And the cable still is draped across his parents' backyard.

This is what John Hess says about the situation: "It's crazy."

This is what Rodney Hess says: "Absurd. The way they're handling this, I just think, is terrible. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, let alone people of that age. If they fall, they're going to break something."

This is what your spokesman, Robert Grove, says: "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We are continuing to research so we can ensure such an incident does not happen again."

An hour after a reporter called Grove, someone from your company finally called Rodney Hess. The representative said the paperwork for the burial job, dated Sept. 14, was in a bin. Sometimes, he told Hess, it takes a while to get to a job.

He sent a worker out Wednesday, who moved the cable behind Hess' dad's shed, so the immediate tripping hazard was eliminated.

Then he said workers will come and bury the line in about three days, after they can ensure it's OK to dig in that area.

"I feel embarrassed I had to do all of this, but this is what it took, doggone it. I didn't want my mom and dad falling over that," Hess says.

Hey, Comcast?

They're waiting.


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